Take full control of your revenue and cashflow with IntelliRCM technology!

Take full control of your revenue and cashflow with IntelliRCM technology!

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Get a Free RCM Analysis Book a time with IntelliRCM.

Get a Free RCM Analysis Book a time with IntelliRCM.

IntelliRCM Services

IntelliRCM revenue cycle management services give healthcare providers access to our intuitive and customizable medical practice management software to stay in control of their revenue at no extra cost.

Revenue Cycle Management


Medical Billing & Coding

We relieve the tedious burden of assigning CPT and ICD codes, vetting documents, and cross-checking so claims are processed swiftly and accurately.

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Denial Management

Our expert Denial Analysts promptly fill information gaps, resubmit, and forward any appropriate unpaid claims to the client without skipping a beat.

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Accounts Receivables

IntelliRCM’s medical billing team jumps onto unpaid or underpaid claims, following through with appeals and any necessary steps to get payment in the hands of our clients.

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Patient Statements

Never worry about sending invoices, unpaid statements, and collection notices to patients.

Credentialing & Contract Negotiations



Our experts handle the headache of applications and paperwork between practices, payers, and government entities.

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Credentialing & Contract Negotiations

We bring our providers more business by ensuring they’re in-network with every available state plan – and we manage all the messy contract negotiation details.

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Recredentialing & Contract Renegotiations

We do all the research so our clients can spend more time with patients.

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CAQH Attestation & Maintenance

We keep every client’s CAQH profile updated and relevant.

Software & Patient Health Services


EHR Software Solutions

Our secure system delivers a one-stop shop for EHR.

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Telehealth isn’t an emerging industry anymore. 76% of patients say they plan to continue using telehealth even after COVID-19 passes.

Our cutting-edge technology and infrastructure set providers up for telehealth success with payment processing, insurance claims, and more. Best of all, it’s all optimally secure.

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Patient Relationship Management

Strengthen relationships with patients and provide better care with comprehensive patient relationship management tools.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamlessly collect health data and synch it into one convenient and secure location.

Get More with IntelliRCM

“Good enough” isn’t good enough for us. IntelliRCM stays two steps ahead
of data security, user experience, and compliance expectations.

  • Save Money with a One-Stop Revenue Cycle Management Solution

    Slash overhead costs, bloated staffing, and inefficient tools. IntelliRCM has put everything providers need from RCM solutions into one convenient dashboard.

  • Customized Billing Processes

    Don’t pay for unneeded services. Our onboard physician and expert staff design a customized service plan that meets the unique needs of each client.

  • Get More from Collections

    Our analytical reports and automated system reduce friction from the collections process. A win-win for every provider.

  • Reduced Rejections & Unreimbursed Claims

    We don’t just address individual rejections and bad claims. We analyze each one to optimize our process and remove future hiccups with permanent solutions.

Take Control with IntelliRCM Revenue Cycle Management Service Provider

Our competitive and completely customizable rates ensure you only pay for what you need and find a plan that works for you. Plus, services start at just 2.49%*.

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