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Document & Data Management

While the information age continues to change the way we do business and how activities are documented, the need for solutions that mine valuable data from physical and digital assets remains constant. Today, advanced analytics drives the world’s most successful companies to new heights. Our specialized professionals at Mangalam help you unlock the potential of the information you already possess. Contact us!

Manglam offers professional forms processing services that organize informational forms in all of their configurations, be it scanned, hard copies, faxed, or digital. Our experts extract relevant data and create fully formatted databases that are ready for analysis and retrieval at a moment’s notice.

  • Order and requirement from
  • Subscription and Payments forms
  • Questioner and Poll result forms
  • Web Forms
  • Tax forms
  • Claims and Lawsuit forms
  • Credit & Debit card application form
  • Product registration forms
  • Market research forms
  • Census forms
  • Medical forms
  • Application forms

Data mining is a continuous progression of discovery and interpretation. It's a process that figures out new and purposeful patterns in your compiled data, patterns you can utilize to deal with complex business questions that need foresight and inference.

  • Web Data Mining
  • Social Media Data Mining (LinkedIn etc.)
  • eCommerce Data Mining (Products & Prices)
  • SQL Database Mining
  • Image Data Mining
  • Excel Data Mining
  • Financial Data Mining
  • Healthcare Data Mining
  • E-book Data Mining
  • Data Mining for Fraud Detection
  • Multimedia or Text Data Mining
  • Stock Market Data Mining
  • Data Mining for Customer Segmentation
  • Competitor growth analysis and tracking
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Meta-data Extraction from Websites
  • Market Trend Monitoring
  • Service, Product and Brand Feedback Search

Indexing and archiving services involve receiving unsorted, scattered data from clients, and sorting, organizing and categorizing this into an indexed database. Once this information has been indexed and archived, the process for searching, accessing and retrieving the required information is much simpler - enhancing the productivity of your organization.

We provide full range of Document Conversion services

  • Document Digitization Services: This service involves the conversion of formats such as text, PDF, xls, tiff, and so on.
  • Data Conversion Services: High-quality keyboarding as well as re-keying small amounts of high-value materials is a part of data conversion services.
  • Excel Formatting Services: It involves manual data entry to convert data into Excel format.
  • Word Formatting Services: Give a professional and seamless look to all your business documents by using our Word formatting services.
  • OCR Services: It involves the process of scanning papers documents and images to retrieve raw data and transferring them into machine-editable formats for further processing.
  • PDF Conversion Services: This service includes converting your business documents in different file formats into PDF documents for ease of access and sharing.
  • Legal Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Telecom Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Insurance Sector
  • Patent
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