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E-Discovery Solutions

Mangalam transforms the way law firms and corporate legal departments around the world manage their electronic discovery processes. Legal proceedings need information to be churned out from terabytes of data; meeting stern deadlines while maintaining the quality and accuracy of abstracts becomes challenging. This is where Mangalam, one of the most renowned Electronic Discovery Companies makes the difference by streamlining the litigation processes and ensuring that all the relevant information is properly analyzed and produced with its e-discovery services.

Our clients include some of the largest national litigation support service providers and law firms in the US, Canada, Australia and UK. Our complete portfolio of services and technologies spans all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), offering integrated solutions that deliver end-to-end support for capturing, processing, analysis, hosted review and the client’s preferred blend of onshore, offshore and on-site document review.

Our E-Discovery team comprises of trained professionals capable of working on all industry standard software tools

Law Prediscovery

On an average, we are processing over 3000 GB of data every year for the last 10 years as part of E-Discovery services.
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Our 'Law prediscovery' support services include:

  • Loading\Ingestion - Importing data into Law.
  • After Load Check – Confirm settings. Fixing Load errors, if any.(Processing Errors\Incomplete Errors\Commit Errors\Native Link Missing)
  • Deduplication.
  • Filtering (E.G. By Doc ext\Date filter) – filtering documents by either doc ext or date filter as per client requirement
  • Text Extractor Command – Attempt to extract text from files that failed to extract while ingestion (i.e. TextXStatus doesn’t equalC) except Adobe and Image files
  • TIFFing – Conversion of Native files to Tiff by batch process as per Client requirements.
  • TIFF Errors – Fix Tiff Errors by batch process. In case of error, we fix manually.
  • Smart_QC – Extensive Quality Check for converted files
  • Page Update – Fix Page Size for very large or odd page size.
  • OCR – Create text files for all natives for which text was not extracted while ingestion and Searchable PDF OCR for all records, if requested.
  • Numbering – Assign Unique Identifier provided by Client to each document as per requirement.
  • Custom Field Update
  • Stamping
  • Export – Outputs as per requirement: Concordance, Concordance DCB, Summation Blaze, IPRO Intelliview, Summation Blaze, Searchable PDF, Non Searchable PDF, Ringtail Format and EDRM XML
  • Final Check for generated Output. Extensive QA/QC for the generated output
IPRO eCapture

Mangalam uses two processing tools during the IPRO eCapture process. Our IPRO eCapture support services include: eCapture Controller & eCapture QC
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  • eCapture Controller The tool is used to process the data as per the client’s requirement and specification. The support service includes:
    • Discovery Job Inventory, Metadata extraction and Indexing.
    • Data Extraction Job OCR and detailed Metadata extraction, Image for OCR, de-duplication, de-nesting and keyword search.
    • Data Processing Job Data processing, Image all records, OCR text.
    • Export Export data as per the client’s requirement.
  • eCapture QC The tool is used to QC the documents, correct the Data Extract job and Process job errors.

Mangalam uses the latest Relativity processing engine to filter and process client data without it leaving the Relativity platform.
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Our Relativity support services include:

  • Process Profile Set-Up
  • Create Processing Set
  • Map Data Source
  • Inventory Files
  • Discover Files
  • Solve Discovery Errors
  • Publish Files
  • After Load Checks
  • Field Update as per client requirements
  • Index files
  • Run Volume Script
  • Generate Reports
  • Relativity image QC

Our Training & Development team has the capabilities to train employees on new software to meet client’s requirements.

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