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IntelliRCM, a brand of Mangalam Infotech USA, is a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions provider to the Healthcare Industry. Mangalam is an ISO 27001-2013 certified company serving clients since the year 2000 with our infrastructure and processes meeting the HIPAA regulatory standards.

We have a team of Physicians and RCM leaders who have extensive experience working in the Health-care and Insurance Industry in the United States.

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Why IntelliRCM

Why IntelliRCM

Revenue Cycle Management Services

IntelliRCM, a leading Medical Billing service provides accurate, effective and affordable solutions to healthcare providers from solo physicians to big facilities & RCM Companies. The revenue cycle management for medical practices has become more complicated than ever especially with new ICD-10 changes. Therefore, with evolving insurance company and government policies, as well as compliance regulations and healthcare reforms, it has become difficult for physicians and their staff to keep up with pace. This results in incorrect and/or delayed claims and poor reimbursements.

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Specialities Provide on time, high quality services

01 Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
02 Pulmonary
03 Gastroenterology
04 Neurology
05 Nephrology


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