Telehealth Services

Your patient’s needs are changing. It’s not always feasible for them to come to a physical doctor’s office. In the current climate, it may not be safe either.

Telehealth services bridge the gap between accessibility and the quality and efficiency of your medical care.

The telehealth industry is in a unique position, as more patients are relying on remote services like telemedicine. It’s likely that the use of telehealth services will continue to increase and soon become the standard in medical practices.

IntelliRCM has the solutions to help you meet the needs of your patients and accelerate your healthcare practice.

Telehealth Benefits

With the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, telehealth is often the best way to reach your patients. In fact, most patients prefer telehealth services. Since the pandemic, even those who were apprehensive about virtual services before are coming to terms with its usefulness.

There are several benefits to offering telehealth services at your practice, including:

1. Broaden Your Patient Base

By incorporating telehealth services into your practice, you will be able to reach a broader patient base. Think of patients who travel often, have busy schedules, or lack transportation. By making your practice available virtually, you can meet patients where they are.

For patients in mental health facilities, telehealth services may be the best way to reach them. You can apply this thinking to a wide range of cases where a patient’s availability is restricted.

Often, patients gravitate to a practice that offers telehealth services when they can’t take a day off from work or are caretakers. And since the pandemic, 40% of consumers say they will continue to use telehealth services going forward, which is up from just 11% pre-pandemic.

2. Increase Patient Retention

Through telehealth, your practice will increase patient retention and help them stay on track with their follow-ups. As you make your practice more accessible, your patients are more inclined to keep their appointments –which results in healthier, and more engaged patients.

IntelliRCM services will also do the work of calling your patients and setting up appointments

3. Currently Covered Under Medicare and Medicaid

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has decided to reimburse Medicaid and Medicare telehealth services between patients and healthcare practitioners, including doctors, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and clinical social workers.

However, Medicaid and Medicare telehealth service reimbursements are currently only in place until COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health emergency.

Now is the best time to take advantage of telehealth services.

How IntelliRCM Provides the Best Telehealth Services

IntelliRCM creates strategic partnerships to provide premium services for healthcare providers. This same approach applies to our telehealth services.

Beat the Learning Curve

Incorporating telehealth services into your practice doesn’t have to be cumbersome or take away from the important task of offering your patients the best care. You can quickly access the best of telehealth services when you use IntelliRCM. No need to deal with a learning curve or the trial and error of figuring it out yourself.

Stay up to Date

Agility is paramount in our current climate. IntelliRCM allows you to effortlessly keep up with the growing needs of your industry, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to better serve your patients.

The laws and regulations are constantly changing in the medical industry. Telehealth laws vary from state to state. Cut through the red tape by letting us take over this service for your medical practice. IntelliRCM keeps your practice up to date with any regulations and guideline changes in telehealth services.

User Friendly Software

Get seamless integration with the software you already use in your practice. We currently work with a variety of software that meets your facility’s needs:

  • athenahealth
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Epic Systems (Our team is Epic certified)
  • Kareo
  • MDofficeManager
  • Meditab Intelligent Medical Software
  • AdvancedMD
  • Allscripts
  • iPatientCare
  • Meditsoft
  • NextGen Healthcare

Coding and Billing Done for You

Billing for telehealth services is taken care of when you choose IntelliRCM. We automate billing so that you decrease your A/R and denial days. Coding and coverage solutions are included in our telehealth services, so your practice doesn’t have to worry about it.

How to Get Started

Trying to set up telehealth services for your medical practice on your own can be risky. The learning curve is steep, and keeping up will cost time, money, and resources.

Mitigate your risk with IntelliRCM. We offer a wide range of services for over 25 medical specialties. Our competitive prices are a great value for the best telehealth services to suit your needs.

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