Revenue Cycle Management Services in New York

IntelliRCM is the leading choice for healthcare management services in New York, supplying accurate, efficient, and affordable solutions to doctors and hospitals.

Our intelligent tech-driven system streamlines every aspect of revenue cycle management—from data capture at the first patient touchpoint, claims submission, to collections and beyond with overall financial insights. We offer a one-stop solution with a variety of EHR & Practice Management software by our software partners.

As every provider knows, revenue cycle management involves countless frustrating moving parts.
IntelliRCM’s innovative platform automates much of the complex process while our expert staff audits, verifies, and adds that extra human safeguard to prevent mistakes.

The IntelliRCM system offers a single-platform RCM solution, slashing the overhead of multiple departments and software tools while reducing time-consuming hiccups and costly mistakes.

Countless providers trust IntelliRCM with their revenue cycle management because we employ coders, analysts, and staff with extensive backgrounds in various medical fields.

Save time, get paid faster, and improve patient relationships with IntelliRCM.

What is Modern Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

In a traditional doctor office or hospital, staff across different departments:

  • Enrollment, credentialing & re-credentialing
  • CAQH & Pecos Management
  • Input patient data
  • Verify insurance coverage
  • Apply appropriate codes
  • Submit clean claims
  • Send Statements invoices to patients
  • Manage collections efficiently
  • End-to-end Revenue Cycle Process and every process in between
  • Electronic Healthcare Record & Practice Management software by our software partners
  • Facility billing
  • Laboratory billing

This process happens with a highly trained team providing the latest technology tools to meet all the expectations of our client quickly, requiring obscene amounts of time, energy, and resources even on the best days.

An RCM eliminates the issue at its source by consolidating processes into a single platform and incorporating automation to reduce inefficiencies—all without removing the important human eye for detail.

The One-Stop-Shop for Revenue Cycle Management Services in New York

IntelliRCM is the trusted RCM solution partner for providers in New York because we cover every aspect of revenue cycle management and patient data in one secure and convenient platform.

We offer a complete suite of doctor, facility, and hospital revenue cycle management from start to finish:

  • Painless medical coding and billing for instant claims
  • Seamless claims auditing for clean submission
  • Frictionless denial management and resubmission
  • Headache-free insurance enrollment, credentialing, and re-credentialing
  • Patient insurance eligibility and benefits verification, pre-authorization, and referrals
  • Billing patients for any pending patient balance
  • Communicating time to time follow-up with insurance companies on account receivables
  • Maintaining billing TAT of 24 working hrs.
  • Work on denials in a timely fashion to avoid rushed filing.

IntelliRCM providers also unlock data reporting and insights to keep track of their practice’s financial health, identify patient trends, and find areas for improvement.

What Makes Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Such a Challenge Today?

If an office or hospital tries to create their own RCM solution, they’ll still need to juggle multiple pieces of software and technology, manually input data, manage the IT and infrastructure, audit mistakes, and so on—all on their own.

It’s nearly impossible to do this alone unless the practice hires developers to create the software platform and IT to install and manage the hardware. Hence, IntelliRCM helps providers to be worry-free from these burdens so they can focus on patient care most.

Ongoing security is also another big concern when mass amounts of patient data and revenue are concerned. Attacks can happen every day.

Why Doctors and Hospitals Need a Revenue Cycle Management System?

IntelliRCM’s solution already provides the infrastructure, skilled manpower, and technology to streamline the process. Our system is built for security and efficiency. Plus, we manage all the hiccups ourselves.

Every doctor office or hospital needs a modern RCM solution today for:

  • Grabbing accurate patient data at the first appointment scheduling
  • Auditing and resubmitting denials correctly and promptly
  • Improving relationships with insurance providers
  • Utilizing automation to streamline coding and billing
  • Reducing overhead and labor costs
  • Remaining compliant with HIPAA and securing patient data
  • Harness the power of data and insights in one place
  • Limiting time between patient appointment and reimbursement
  • Analyzing trends and making suggestions to lower costs and improve patient’s services

Our Innovative RCM Solutions Combine Technology with Human Experts

Take charge of patient data and financial health. Get claims paid faster. Plug security holes. Enjoy the smooth sailing of a comprehensive revenue cycle management system.

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