Dental Billing Service

Reliable and Robust Dental Billing RCM Solution from IntelliRCM

We at IntelliRCM provide dental billing service solutions to dental organizations to exceed revenue & growth targets by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks.

IntelliRCM provides proven dental credentialing, eligibility & benefits verifications, dental billing, denial management & accounts receivable solutions to practices and DSOs to improve revenue and reduce cost.


Our credentialing experts understand the tedious credentialing process. They make sure that all the providers and practices get credentialed correctly both individually and as groups with required all major payers. This reduces denials and increases patient satisfaction

Insurance Eligibility & Verification

IntelliRCM is the leading dental insurance eligibility verification company. With us, you are assured of an effective and error-free eligibility & benefits verification process. It will help the practice to reduce eligibility benefits verification-related denials and focus on patient care. Thus, IntelliRCM will help speed up cash flow and grow the practice faster.


The billing team processes the superbill and verifies codes during charge entry. Our quality assurance team will audit all charges to submit error-free claims. We check clearing house reports within 24 hours, fix rejected claims, and submit corrected claims immediately. Our payment posting team will post the payment and track denials.

Denial Management

The denial management team will work on denials the moment they are received. They will take the necessary actions such as sending appeals, medical records, corrected claims, resubmitting claims, or asking insurance providers to reprocess the claims. After taking action to handle denials, the team will follow up with insurance companies within the required time.

Accounts Receivable

We have an excellent track record working on old aging and difficult denials. Our accounts receivable experts will not let your aging get out of control or into bad debts. Therefore, you get higher revenue, zero timely filings write-offs, and no issues with cash flow.

Fee Schedule Maintenance

The IntelliRCM team negotiates a fee that the payer will pay for the rendered service. The fee schedule is set up upon signing the contract with the insurance company. Each code indicates the maximum allowable amount the provider gets from all entities. Payers may change their allowable amounts many times a year. Staying on top of these changes while focusing on patient care is difficult.

We at IntelliRCM keep track of these updates, adding new editions to practice management software, and maintaining record tools to avoid miscalculations of charge amount. This tedious and continuous monitor task is performed successfully when outsourced to IntelliRCM.

This will help your practice to receive rightful reimbursement and avoid loss of revenue.

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