Revenue Cycle Management Service in San Antonio

Innovative Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

IntelliRCM delivers a single-platform RCM, virtually eliminating the overhead of multiple departments and software solutions. Our software does this while also decreasing expensive mistakes and time-consuming problems.

We employ analysts, coders, and industry experts with extensive backgrounds in various medical specializations. We help our clients with their revenue cycle management software needs to support staff across different departments with the following:

  • Inputting patient data
  • Credentialing, re-credentialing, and enrollment
  • Verifying insurance coverage
  • Applying appropriate billing codes
  • CAQH & Pecos Management
  • Submitting clean claims to avoid denials
  • Sending statements and invoices to patients
  • Facility billing and lab billing
  • Managing aging accounts receivable properly for swift payments

We developed our RCM with software partners who understand the intricacies of the revenue cycle management process for healthcare providers and medical facilities.

Our highly trained team of developers integrated the latest technology tools into our RCM to meet our client’s expectations, using automation to reduce inefficiencies.

At IntelliRCM, our software eliminates these issues at their source. It consolidates processes into a single platform without removing the ever-important human eye, combining technology with human experts.

Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Services in San Antonio

We partner with healthcare providers across San Antonio to manage every facet of revenue cycle management, cash flows, and patient data security in one convenient and secure platform. Get Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) and Practice Management software with an agile Revenue Cycle Process solution.

At IntelliRCM, we provide an end-to-end revenue suite for doctor’s offices, medical facilities, and hospitals. We deliver revenue cycle management services that offer:

  • Seamless claims auditing to guarantee clean submissions
  • Streamlined medical billing and coding processes for instant claims
  • Trouble-free credentialing, re-credentialing, and insurance enrollment
  • Straightforward claims denial management and resubmission
  • Patient benefits verification and insurance eligibility, referrals, and pre-authorizations

By conveying follow-up treatments with insurance companies on account receivables with IntelliRCM, providers can enhance data reporting and insights to track the financial health of their medical practice, find improvement areas, and identify patient behaviors.

Why is healthcare revenue cycle management so challenging today?

Big data, advanced technologies, changing regulations, and the stress of a recent global health crisis have placed pressure on an already volatile system. Revenue cycle management helps healthcare workers streamline their processes so they can focus on their patients and not worry about cash flow.

Why do healthcare services need a revenue cycle management solution?

It would be nearly impossible to manage cash flow without hiring a team of revenue cycle management experts who can integrate software solutions with your existing legacy systems.

IntelliRCM helps providers like you manage your revenue cycle integration so you can focus on caring for your patients. We can:

  • Audit and resubmit denied claims promptly and accurately
  • Capture precise patient information during the initial scheduling
  • Implement automation to streamline medical coding and billing
  • Enhance relationships with insurance providers
  • Obtain insights and data analysis from one central repository
  • Secure patient data and remain HIPAA compliant
  • Reduce labor costs and overhead
  • Limit the time between appointments and payments
  • Analyze trends and make recommendations

Why should your revenue cycle management team never go it alone?

If your medical practice attempts to develop its RCM solution, your team will need to manage multiple pieces of software. Without experienced IT professionals, it’s overwhelming for most hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s officers to manage these alone.

You will need to address issues with the IT and infrastructure of your organization’s tech stack, manually write computer code, and risk mistakes.

At IntelliRCM, you get a team of professionals with the expertise to manage your tech stack, integrate all legacy systems with your new RCM solution, and we are always here to support your team.

Technology Meets Human Expertise with Solutions from IntelliRCM

With IntelliRCM, tending to the financial health of your medical practice is as easy as caring for your patients’ physical health.

You can:

  • Get claims and invoices paid faster
  • Ensure data security while managing patient information with our agile revenue cycle management solution
  • Save time and receive payments quicker while enriching patient relationships

Ready to upgrade to an end-to-end revenue management solution? Give us a call today to speak to one of our highly skilled RCM specialists.

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