CAQH Attestation & Maintenance

The insurance credentialing process can be a tedious and confusing task. With various processes and forms to complete, it can be time-consuming and messy with numerous paperwork. But with the availability of CAQH, having all your information stored in a single platform helps other organizations easily find information about your business.

This means your office will be free of additional paperwork and can focus that extra time on your patients’ care and increase patient’s flow. other matters. But what is CAQH and what does it stand for?

CAQH stands for Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. It is a not-for-profit online platform for leading health plans and networks in the country. The online portal stores provider information in a secure database and is aimed to improve health care access and quality for patients.

What Is CAQH Attestation and Maintenance?

CAQH makes it easy for health insurance companies to access secured information during the credentialing process, making acquiring updated provider information more efficient and seamless. This makes it easy for health insurance companies to access your work history and medical license, instead of calling your office.

What Is CAQH Attestation?

The act of acknowledging and approving your CAQH application at the end of your application process is a CAQH Attestation. Attesting to your CAQH application means you’re verifying that all your information is accurate and updated. You’ll also be reminded to attest to the information in your profile every 120 days.

If you fail to attest or re-attest to your CAQH information, it can possibly cause delays or rejection in payments. That’s why it’s important to update your profile with every new malpractice policy, DEA certificate, license, or address.

What is CAQH Maintenance?

It’s crucial to remember that your CAQH provider profile reflects your practice as a healthcare professional. Since the information stored in CAQH can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, it’s important to keep your CAQH profile current. Maintain your CAQH profile by ensuring your employment history, addresses, and any information related to your practice are up to date.

Maintaining your CAQH also means you must not miss any re-attestation notices and attest to the accuracy of your CAQH profile whether you’ve made any changes. If you skip this step, it could affect the participation status of your insurance.

Benefits of CAQH Proview

There are many benefits to CAQH Proview. By providing streamlined access to online data, CAQH can reduce and possibly eliminate paperwork as it can easily provide organizations access to your professional and practice information for these purposes:

  • Credentialing
  • Claims administration
  • Directory services

CAQH Proview also provides easy maintenance and updating of information and suggests fixes you can make before the attestation step. It’s also a secured platform because only organizations that the practice allows to see its data can access it in CAQH Proview.

Why You Should Work with Us for CAQH Attestation & Maintenance

IntelliRCM is a one-stop solution for healthcare providers across the country. We are the experts in revenue cycle management services and can provide access to customizable medical practice management software so you can effectively stay in control of your revenue.

When it comes to CAQH attestation and maintenance, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete and maintain your CAQH profile. We can also:

  • Provide a quick turnaround time to completing your CAQH profile
  • Continuously maintain your profile, including re-attestation and any documents submission
  • Free up time for you and your medical office to focus on more important patient matters

Creating A CAQH Account

You can register for your online CAQH account online or let IntelliRCM take care of it for you. Completing the initial CAQH profile can generally take as much as two hours, but other factors can increase the amount of time needed. These are:

  • Work history
  • Number of practice locations
  • The time for trainings
  • Your familiarity with online tools

Once your profile is complete, it’s easy to maintain it through streamlined attestation. Just remember that when creating your account, you need to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the kind of information the profile requires
  • Familiarize yourself with the steps needed to complete the CAQH profile
  • Have the proper reference materials before creating the CAQH profile

Why The Need to Respond to CAQH Re-attestation Notices?

Once you have your profile, the CAQH will notify your practice every four months to re-attest that all your information is updated and accurate. You need to respond to these notices and re-attest your profile within the mentioned deadline.

If you fail to do so, other CAQH participating organizations will not be able to access your information until you complete the re-attestation process.

Request A Service Proposal

At IntelliRCM, our services are customized to fit each client’s needs. We’re the experts in credentialing and contract negotiations, including creating and keeping your CAQH information relevant.

You can contact us and share your business needs to see the different kinds of services we have to offer. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements once we understand your business’ goals.

Interested to find out how IntelliRCM can help you with CAQH attestation and maintenance? Get in touch with us for a free analysis today.

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