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A streamlined accounts receivable (A/R) in medical billing guarantees the smooth operation of a healthcare facility. AR consists of billed revenue due for collection. The amounts may come from insurance companies, patients, and other guarantors.

Neglected accounts receivable can affect the practice of healthcare professionals, subject cash flow of a healthcare institution to unnecessary strain, and ultimately result in lost revenue. Additionally, with the complexities of the healthcare industry, accounts receivable can eat up human resources that should be focused on providing excellent patient care. Effective Accounts Receivable follow-up will help faster collection and NO timely filing denials.

IntelliRCM offers account receivable management services that address your revenue cycle pain points.

With the help of dedicated account receivable management professionals, healthcare institutions can address delays during the collection period and help prevent bad debt. This way, cash flow can be maximized, and the focus will be the growth of the medical practice.

Our Account Receivable Management Service Offerings

Account receivable management services provide support in various aspects of the revenue cycle. The different AR service offerings of IntelliRCM include the following:

  • Insurance Claims: We will closely collaborate with insurance companies and consumers to facilitate prompt submission of clean claims and collection of any outstanding obligation.
  • Patient Follow-ups: Account receivable management agents will help healthcare providers and patients have a good relationship. This is key to prompt payments. Aside from following up with patients, the agents will also help patients understand their financial responsibilities.
  • Develop A/R Policies and Procedures: Understanding the root cause of A/R issues can help optimize the policies and procedures in place. A practical action plan will benefit the healthcare organization while also improving the experience of patients.
  • Aging Account Clean Up: We can efficiently manage your backlog for you, so they don’t accumulate further and cause more significant problems. Cleaning old accounts will let healthcare facilities focus on high-priority claims.

Benefits of our A/R Management Process

Managing your accounts receivables can be a tricky business. However, with the help of experts, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Resolve Claims and Improve Cash Flow

IntelliRCM goes beyond checking the status of uncollected fees. We deliver results and resolve your A/R issues. With a proactive accounts receivables management team, your can improve your A/R process. As you shorten the collection period, you will have the budget for new equipment, marketing, and paying your staff.

Quick Turnaround Time

IntelliRCM only hires the best in the field to become one of our account receivable management service agents. We value time and leverage the tools and strategies of the trade we have developed through the years to optimize your revenue cycle.

Lower Compliance Risk

With our comprehensive account receivable management services, we lower the risk of non-compliance due to errors in coding or evolving coding regulations. We are also well abreast with the complex contracts of payers that may cause delays in bringing cash to your business.

Workflow Automation

IntelliRCM uses the latest technologies that can help automate your workflow, accelerate collection, and give you access to powerful data analytics.

Why Choose Us?

IntelliRCM’s primary goal is to bring cash to your business with less practice time involvement using our analytical expert team by providing account receivable management services that will set you apart from others in the healthcare industry. Here’s why medical practitioners tap our services:

Fully-Engaged Experts

We believe that our team of highly qualified experts is key to our success in the accounts receivable management industry through our more than 20 years of being in the business. We only recruit the best of the best in their fields and give them continuing training to deliver excellent service. Our dedicated agents are capable of fast turnaround to optimize your revenue cycle efficiently.

One-Stop Solution

IntelliRCM has got all bases covered to ensure that you can maximize your cash flow so that you can focus on providing proper medical care to patients. Our state-of-the-art A/R management suite is intuitive and customizable depending on your needs.

Data Security

Data breaches cost the healthcare industry $6 billion annually. Beyond the cost, you can damage your reputation and compromise the lives of your patients. This is why we have put all data security measures in place from the technologies we use, the infrastructure we have, and best practices our staff follow by heart.

We’re HIPAA Compliant!

Those working in the healthcare industry know the importance of compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA ensures data confidentiality, privacy, and it also lowers the risk of fraudulent activities.

At IntelliRCM we are HIPAA compliant and have a strong foundation for data security. Our Information Security Management System values confidentiality, data availability, and integrity. In the workplace, we have built the best practices to protect the information entrusted to us.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

“IntelliRCM’s accounts receivable management service is not only excellent on paper. They deliver results fast. As medical practitioners, they are our lifesavers when it comes to making sure that we have no cash flow issues.”

“Before tapping the services of IntelliRCM, our hospital was overwhelmed with A/R backlog. We thought we were doomed because of the amount of delayed revenue and denied claims. With the help of their team, we were able to turn things around!”

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