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Let Us Take Care of Billing and Coding

If you want a successful revenue cycle that boosts cash flow to grow your medical practice, submitting medical bills and getting claims on time are crucial.

At IntelliRCM, we believe that medical practitioners should not be worrying about hospital finances. We provide medical billing services and medical coding services so you can focus on taking care of patients.

The IntelliRCM team of dedicated experts takes care of the coding and billing processes, so you avoid denials and get your claims faster.

Benefits You’ll Get from Our Service

Quick and accurate medical billing and coding ensures patients are not paying more than they should for the services they received and that the rest of the hospital staff are paid on time for the services they rendered.

Benefits of tapping our medical billing and coding services:

Optimized Workflow Without Overburdening Clinical Staff

We know that healthcare workers have more than enough to worry about. When you outsource your medical billing and coding to IntelliRCM, you improve the workflow at your facility.

Avoid Coding and Billing Errors

Because healthcare professionals will not have to juggle tasks at work, errors that may cause delay or denial of claims can be avoided.

Data Security

We are HIPAA compliant, and our team follows strict data security protocols.

Boost Cash Flow

With an efficient medical billing service team working on your side, timely payments will naturally follow. This strengthens your healthcare facility’s cash flow and grows your practice. This benefit alone is a good ROI for hiring medical billing services.


With our help, you have the peace of mind that professionals are monitoring these things for you, so you are always a step ahead.

Better Patient Experience

With the hospital staff focused on providing world-class medical care, you can expect better patient engagement and overall experience.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Service Offerings

IntelliRCM’s offer comprehensive medical billing and coding services that include the following:

  • Claim submission: This involves steps to ensure all patient information is correct to initiate a clean claim, verification of eligibility, handling of authorization requirements, and all other documentation in between until reimbursement is made.
  • Accounts receivable posting: Documentation of A/R starts with creating an invoice, tracking the invoice, and recording payment.
  • Follow-up outstanding claims: We will closely coordinate with insurance companies, patients, and other payers to ensure bills get paid.
  • Insurance verification: IntelliRCM can verify the patient’s eligibility to receive certain health services based on their insurance coverage.
  • Authorization and benefits tracking: As part of the medical billing service, we can verify if patients do not go beyond their number of allowed visits and referral date to a healthcare provider.

How We Get Things Done

Medical billing and coding are a life and blood process of any healthcare institution. With the help of IntelliRCM’s dedicated team of medical billing experts, we will prepare bills accurately and submit them to insurance providers promptly.

At the heart of our operations is the most intuitive software available today.

Why Choose Us?

With the medical billing service and medical coding services of IntelliRCM, you focus on their primary roles as healthcare providers.

IntelliRCM has been in the business of medical billing & coding service, accounts receivable management, and claims denial management for more than 20 years. We are HIPAA compliant and have a world-class facility that implements innovative data security.

Reviews from Our Clients

“IntelliRCM’s medical billing service solved our medical issues that have prevented the growth of our practice in the past years. We are more than thankful to have them as partners.”

“If there’s one thing we love about IntelliRCMs medical billing & coding service, it’s how they take ownership when doing the job. Because of that, we have the peace of mind that everything is done properly. And it shows with how our cash flow improved when they joined our team.”

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