Virtual Assistance

Run Your Practice Efficiently with IntelliRCM’s Virtual Assistance Service

IntelliRCM’s virtual assistants (VAs) take inbound calls from patients, providers’ offices, vendors, and others coming to the practice on their main phone line. VAs also respond to emails.

Tasks Done by Virtual Assistants

VAs help patients in multiple ways such as scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments. They also reply to patients’ questions related to medication, pharmacies, lab questions, and others.

We take control of the provider’s schedule from EHR software and set up an appointment based on mutual availability. We take the information from the patients and enter it into the patient’s chart in the EHR.

As such, when the doctor sees the patient all the medical details are available in the EHR software. This helps doctors offer better patient care, seamless patient flow, and increased productivity.

VAs will make outbound calls for patient appointment reminders to confirm the appointment with the patient. VAs will also route the calls to doctors, MAs, PAs, or nurses in the clinic.

With IntelliRCM’s multiple agents, a dedicated VA team for the provider’s office makes it so easy to overcome issues like a patient’s call being on a long hold or unanswered. It also minimizes voice mails which frustrates and ultimately results in the loss of patients.

The role of a VA will be like a front desk/receptionist at doctors’ offices, practices, hospitals, or facilities.

Virtual Assistance Benefits

  • Reduced cost, time-saving, and better employee management
  • Trained professional staff
  • All calls are recorded
  • Quality checks and with SLA on quality
  • Responds to each call

How it works

We will provide one dedicated phone number to the practice which can be configured with your IVR system to route calls depending on your needs. We will show the practice’s phone number on the caller ID for outgoing calls.

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