HIPAA & Infrastructure

Why IntelliRCM?

IntelliRCM is committed to being a trusted partner through our high standards of data security and compliance.

Data Security

We are a HIPAA compliant company. We have an organization wide ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’ to create secure and coherent information ecosystem. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data are the three primary tenets of our ISMS, which means that data & information is made available to only that person who need to see it (confidentiality), is available when needed (Availability) and in the form required without any risk data corruption (Data Integrity).

Best practices like employees Address & legal verification, Biometric movement restriction, video surveillance, restriction of removable media- printers-mobile phones in production area are enforced strictly. Server and computer activities are logged and have alerts for suspicious activity. FTP servers are placed in USA for highest security and faster data transfer. Access of client’s server through VPN for data protection and Virtual LAN for added client-wise security. Best in class IT security equipment have been deployed and manned by the trained professionals all the time.


Continuous improvement & beating our own benchmarks is a way of life at IntelliRCM. We measure our performance using productivity and quality metrics and continuously run Six Sigma and Lean methodology-based projects to improve on these parameters. Hence, our clients get more in terms of improved productivity, and reduced defects for the same cost. Our process improvement initiatives also result in process optimization for our client’s internal processes. Customized in-house developed applications for quick and reliable quality check.


20,000 sq. feet of sprawling, state of art infrastructure with 500+ spacious workstations. We have disaster recovery infrastructure at different location. Hi speed internet access from 3 operators for 100% uptime . Redundant & hot swappable Firewall, Servers, Routers for uninterrupted service Industries. HD surveillance cameras in all the areas, 30 days storage and 24 hrs. monitoring Adequate power backup and power conditioning for the production. Biometric authentication for each entry and exits, restricted access to visitors.

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