Revenue Cycle Management Service in Los Angeles

At IntelliRCM, we are the leading choice for healthcare management services in Los Angeles. We deliver efficient, accurate, and affordable solutions to doctors, practices, laboratories, hospitals, and other facilities.

Our intelligent and innovative proven processes streamline every facet of revenue cycle management.

Get financial insights on claims submissions, data captures, and collections with our one-stop solution. We offer a variety of Practice Management and EHR software to help you manage the countless moving parts of revenue cycle management.

Automate complex processes with IntelliRCM’s innovative platform. Let our expert staff add that extra human element to safeguard data and prevent errors.

Innovative Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Our system offers a single-platform RCM, nearly eliminating the overhead of multiple departments and software solutions while reducing costly mistakes and time-consuming issues.

We work with medical providers across America with their revenue cycle management because we employ analysts, coders, and industry experts with extensive backgrounds in a myriad of medical specializations.

In a doctor’s office, hospital, or medical facility, revenue cycle management software helps staff across different departments:

  • Input patient data
  • Enrollment, credentialing, and re-credentialing
  • Verify insurance coverage
  • With CAQH & Pecos Management
  • Apply appropriate codes
  • Submit clean claims
  • Send patient statements and invoices
  • Expedite facility billing
  • Process laboratory billing
  • Manage aging accounts receivable efficiently

Trusted Revenue Cycle Management Services in Los Angeles

At IntelliRCM, we are your trusted RCM solution partners for healthcare providers in Los Angeles. We manage every facet of patient data security and revenue cycle management in one convenient and secure solution.

We deliver a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management software for doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals. We offer revenue cycle management services that offer:

  • Effortless medical billing and coding for instant claims
  • Seamless claims auditing to ensure clean submissions
  • Frictionless denial management and resubmission
  • Hassle-free credentialing, re-credentialing, and insurance enrollment
  • Patient benefits verification and insurance eligibility, pre-authorization, and referrals
  • Communicating follow-ups with insurance providers on account receivables

With IntelliRCM, providers can unlock data reporting and insights to track their healthcare company’s financial health, find areas needing improvement, and identify patient trends.

Why is healthcare revenue cycle management so challenging today?

If a hospital or medical office develops its RCM solution, it must still handle multiple pieces of software. They will need to manage the IT and infrastructure, manually input data, audit mistakes, etc. Even worse, they must do this all on their own.

It would be nearly impossible to manage this without hiring developers to build software platforms and IT professionals to integrate these systems with existing legacy systems.

That’s why IntelliRCM helps providers like you manage your revenue cycle so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Why do healthcare services need an RCM solution?

Healthcare providers need RCM to:

  • Audit and resubmit denied claims accurately and promptly
  • Grab accurate patient data at the time of initial scheduling
  • Utilize automation to streamline medical billing and coding
  • Improve relationships with insurance providers
  • Harness the power of insights and data analysis in one central repository
  • Remain HIPAA compliant and secure patient data
  • Reduce overhead and labor costs
  • Limit the time between appointment and payment of services
  • Analyze trends to make suggestions

Combine Technology with Human Expertise

Care for your healthcare company’s financial health as well as your patients’ physical health. Get claims and invoices paid sooner. Manage patient information and ensure data security with an agile revenue cycle management solution. Save time, get paid quicker, and enrich patient relationships with IntelliRCM.

If it’s time to upgrade to a comprehensive revenue management solution, give us a call today to speak with one of our friendly professionals.

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