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What’s Denial Management in Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations face the inevitable reality of rejected claims and denied claims. The former involves collectibles deemed with errors, and the biller is given a chance by the payer to resolve the problems. Meanwhile, denied claims are rejected claims that have been adjudicated by the biller and reflect lost or delayed revenue.

The numbers are staggering. Reports show that denied claims average $4.9 million per facility. A bigger picture paints a healthcare system that spends $8.6 billion in administrative costs to recover denied claims. With the help of denial management services, healthcare institutions and providers can avoid becoming part of such unfortunate statistics.

Healthcare organizations should be focused on providing top-quality patient care and experience. Partnering with denial management professionals is a critical part of the solution that will allow you to give your 100% attention to making people feel better while also having a healthy cash flow.

Let Us Help You Minimize Claim Denials & Sustain Revenue

More than 80% of denied claims are said to be avoidable, but it involves a lot of work.

IntelliRCM offers help so you can focus on what matters most while our team of experts ensures that your organization has a sustainable revenue flow. Our denial management services will act as the facility, groups, and physician’s revenue lifeline.

IntelliRCM has been in the business of revenue cycle and denials management services and having experienced a team for more than 16 years. As an ISO-certified and HIPAA compliant company, we are proud of our efficient workflow and state-of-the-art infrastructure that help us satisfy the needs of our clients. Below are some of the benefits of outsourcing your denial management:

Maximize Cashflow

Our denial management representatives will focus on resolving your denied claims using our proven analytical workflow and best in the industry tools. We treat each denied claim as unique and use a systematic approach to recover revenue and avoid losses.

Minimize Claim Denials

As we collect data and learn more about the healthcare organization’s denied claims, the facility and its workers will be able to improve their processes to lower the instances of payers denying healthcare claims in the future.

Improve Business Processes

Getting to the root cause of denied healthcare claims is a constant learning process for all organizations. Tapping the trusted denial management services of IntelliRCM will help set you apart from other organizations that continue to struggle with such issues.

Protect Your Revenue

The prevention of claims denial is a team game. It requires corrective action at different points of the revenue cycle where issues are identified. A proactive approach in cooperation with denied claims experts can help develop denial management strategies and ultimately lead to revenue protection.

Our Denial Management Service Offerings

With years of experience, IntelliRCM has established systems and mechanisms that can help healthcare organizations zero in on the best claims denial solution. Our denial management services include the following:

Collecting Denied Claims Data

Data serves as the foundation of our management services. We will gather pertinent information that will be key to solving your claims denial problems. We cover all bases of the process, from the basic information about the claims, status of the appeals, to relevant correspondence with involved parties.

Interpret Denial Patterns

We will categorize the data we have gathered following our strict sorting guidelines to take the most appropriate corrective actions. Along the way, we will recognize patterns that can help us dig into the root cause of denied claims.

Track Status and Appeal

As part of the strategy, IntelliRCM’s team will not just resubmit claims but regularly follow up to resolve the claims. Crucial to the prevention of future denied claims, we will build a strategy on how to handle specific denial reasons for a more efficient process in reclaiming revenues.

Accurate Reporting to Aid Better Business Decisions

IntelliRCM’s streamlined denial management services involve comprehensive reporting to the healthcare organization’s management. This will assist them in understanding the main issues raised by payers and aid in improving the processes to guarantee good cash flow.

Why We Are Regarded as One of the Best in Business

IntelliRCM is regarded as one the best denial management service providers today. Here’s why:

Highly-Qualified Team

Core to the effective denial claims process of the company is IntelliRCM’s highly qualified professionals who went through a stringent employee screening process. The team’s learning process also continues as we make sure we conduct extensive training to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge updated with the latest rules followed by payers.

Latest Technologies and Advanced Analytics

We make use of the best tools and technologies that are at par or above industry standards. These allow us to make most of the data available to identify issues and opportunities.

Data Security

Aside from following best practices at the workplace, we also value confidentiality, integrity, and data availability as the core of our secure information systems.

Thorough Claims Audit

We don’t leave stones unturned when we try to resolve denied claims in the healthcare sector. We analyze everything and pay attention to details to future-proof your health organization’s denial management strategy.

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