Neurology Medical Billing Services

Patient care is your specialty, and medical billing services for your neurology practice is ours!

IntelliRCM is your revenue cycle management team that specializes in medical billing and coding services for healthcare practitioners and the specialty care they provide.

How IntelliRCM Can Help with Neurology Billing Services

IntelliRCM neurology medical billing services provide internal billing services to healthcare facilities across the United States. We believe every neurology practice must bill for services rendered effectively, timely, and without errors to maximize revenue.

Our team of certified billers and coders is ready to assist our clients with supplying accurate, prompt, and error-free medical billing services for Neurology.

Here’s what we do:

Credentialing and Enrollment Services

In neurology medical billing, enrollment, and credentialing are critical processes that guarantee providers are employable and permitted to bill insurance companies for services rendered.

Providers cannot submit claims if payer credentials are unestablished. Claims acceptance and processing depend on credentialing and enrollment.

Unfortunately, this is an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. It requires copious attention and care because even minor credentialing and enrollment application errors can cause weeks or months of processing delays, resulting in low reimbursements.

At IntelliRCM, neurology medical billing provides credible credentialing and enrollment services to practices like yours. Our team will ensure we complete all credentialing before submitting the claims to avoid denials and maintain cash flow.

Neurology Benefits Verification

It’s critical to check the eligibility of every patient claim before submission whenever you’re billing for neurology specialty claims. At IntelliRCM, we verify the benefits eligibility of every patient.

Our eligibility verification services team will review if the patient’s plan covers neurology-related services so we can take appropriate and timely action. After benefits verification, we calculate the patient responsibilities, including deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurances, and update authorization as needed.

This process assists healthcare providers to receive payment promptly to avoid payment delays. In eligibility and benefits verification, we verify:

  • Plan type
  • Coverage details
  • Effective date
  • Individual patient eligibility
  • Referrals and pre-authorizations
  • Co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurances
  • Non-covered procedures

Demographic and Charge Entry Services

The primary step before starting any patient claim is the demographics entry. We ensure to include all necessary patient data according to the information in the insurance system to avoid rejections or denials. The amount the insurance company pays depends on the charges billed to them. That’s why our charge entry services team will ensure that all charges come directly from the superbill.

Neurology AR Follow-Up Services

Once a claim is submitted, it is critical for accounts receivable to follow up promptly to avoid a claim remaining on file due to rejection or some other reason. Unfortunately, many medical billing companies ignore the significance of on-time follow-up. At IntelliRCM, we guarantee to follow up on every claim on a follow-up cycle that will continue until the insurance company or patient pays.

Neurology Denials Management

Claim denials may produce significant losses for any healthcare service provider. At IntelliRCM, our Neurology denials management team delivers high-quality claims denial management. With our years of experience in neurology medical billing, we are knowledgeable about MACRA and the actions necessary to process every denial possible in neurology practice billing.

Payment Posting Service

When the ERA/EOB is received, our payment processing team will promptly post the payments. If the claim is denied, they will forward these claims to the denials management team for processing. If the insurance company concludes that the patient is responsible for payment, we will contact the patient.

Why Choose IntelliRCM for Neurology Medical Billing Services

With the right medical billing for your neurology practice, you’ll get a dedicated team of professionals who will work till you get every claim paid. When you choose IntelliRCM, you partner with a team well-versed in medical billing and coding. Look to us as an extension of your practice.

Medical billing isn’t our only specialty. We can help you reduce administrative costs, increase profitability, and track essential claims metrics.

Are you experiencing issues with claim denials and rejections? Do payment delays and aging accounts receivables make reporting on cash flow nearly impossible? Let IntelliRCM handle your revenue cycle management so you can give your patients the care they need.

Our neurology medical billing services will:

  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Improve collection rates
  • Submit clean claims
  • Deliver accurate medical coding and billing services
  • Continually review diagnostic and procedural codes
  • Decrease administrative costs
  • Guarantee billing compliance
  • Frequently evaluate every account
  • Reduce denials and rejections
  • Minimize medical billing rejections and denials

Provide the best patient care possible. Let us manage your neurology office’s billing and revenue cycle management while you spend time doing what matters most, caring for your patients.

We help you manage every claim. Contact IntelliRCM to learn more about their medical billing services for your neurology practice today.

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