Revenue Cycle Management Services in Texas

IntelliRCM provides a one-stop solution for accurate, affordable, and effective revenue cycle management services in Texas.

Using secure and intelligent technology along with our human expertise in the healthcare industry, we offer a full suite of RCM solutions to doctor offices, groups, hospitals, ambulatory services and laboratories.

We handle the work of multiple departments by managing services like enrollment, credentialing, re-credentialing, medical coding, claims, payment posting, collections, patient statements, data insights, technical support, and more.

Our revenue cycle management service also streamlines the entire process of patient management, appointments, insurance, and payments. Therefore, our clients trust us to deliver more revenue for their practice faster.

IntelliRCM providers in Texas receive access to our customizable RCM software so they can stay in control of their medical revenue cycle services and patient management from one convenient and compliant dashboard.

Our One-Stop-Shop Revenue Cycle Services in Texas

Everything our providers need to manage patient data, appointments, billing, claims, and processing are all in one place. Our healthcare revenue cycle management services also provide the necessary data and technology to streamline operations and stay proactive.

Stress-Free Medical Coding and Billing

Get clean claims sent out faster with help from technology and human auditing. Our secure network processes patient appointment data and assigns appropriate codes for each service rendered.

From there, our team of experts proofreads each coded document before submitting it to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Instant Claims Submission

Claims go out to insurance companies swiftly and correctly and each charge is personally audited before electronic filing.

Our staff can also audit and submit paper claims in less time than other processors. Smart software verifies each claim for inaccuracies so we can submit the correct documents within 24 hours.

Faster Denial Management

Fix denials faster. The smart IntelliRCM system prioritizes denied claims before forwarding them to our coders and billers to fix and refile or appeal.

Our Denial Analysts have special training and experience to understand unique claim problems in each specialty and the insurance companies themselves.

Upon correct denial, we’ll also automatically bill the patient and move forward with the proper steps.

Seamless Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

We help providers earn more revenue by making sure they’re in-network with all available state plans. Our experts handle all the paperwork and documents for enrolling and negotiating on their behalf.

Digestible Reports and Insights

Use data to build a deeper understanding of patient trends and financial health. Partnering with a reliable revenue cycle management company also means unlocking access to streamlined data and reporting.

We send custom monthly or weekly reports with important KPIs so our providers can stay proactive, and visualizations like charts and graphs let providers gain deeper insight without hiring a dedicated analyst.

Additional Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services

IntelliRCM offers everything doctors and hospitals in Texas need from revenue cycle management services:

  • Pre-appointment verification for insurance eligibility, pre-authorization, and referrals.
  • Following up with patients for their pending balance.
  • Sending outstanding accounts to collections and managing the process.
  • Verifying and crediting overpayments.
  • Following up with insurance companies for account receivables after 30 days.

Why Does Every Practice Need Medical Revenue Cycle Management Services?

With 76% of patients planning to continue telehealth appointments even after COVID-19, every doctor’s office and hospital in Texas needs a secure revenue cycle management system to stay in control.

IntelliRCM’s solutions have helped countless providers reap the following benefits with our technology and professional medical experience:

  • Capture and keep track of patient data from the first touchpoint.
  • Manage claim denials properly and promptly.
  • Improve communication with insurance providers.
  • Incorporate data, technology, and automation to streamline coding.
  • Lower labor costs and overhead from manual coding and claims tasks.
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA and protect patient information in EMRs.
  • Manage large volumes of data in one convenient location.
  • Reduce time between claim filing and reimbursement.
  • Find new ways to lower expenses and improve patient experiences.

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