Avoid Claim Denials: The Root Causes and How to Prevent Claim Denials

Did you know that roughly 14% of all medical claims get rejected? That equates to over 200 million claim denials every day. For tips on how to prevent claim denials, take a moment to review this guide. First, let’s discuss the root causes of claim denials. Are there patterns to the claim rejections you receive?

The Ultimate Guide for Billing and Coding for Health Services

More than 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old each day. By 2031, the last of the boomers will hit retirement age. That means that, as the largest generation becomes our oldest population, we will start to see an influx of patients requiring care. Providing exceptional medical care will require a collaborative effort by everyone

6 Reasons Why Revenue Cycle Management is Important

Any hospital or healthcare system needs a comprehensive revenue cycle management system. Maintaining a high standard of care is only possible when the healthcare provider’s fiscal management process runs efficiently. Each healthcare system should tailor its revenue operations solution to meet its unique goals. A successful revenue cycle management system will help you identify and

6 Revenue Cycle Management Challenges Faced by Healthcare Providers

Implementing an efficient revenue cycle management system alleviates claim discrepancies and improves revenue collections. Benefits include a simplified claims process, reduced healthcare and patient fraud, and lesser administrative burden. If your healthcare system or provider suffers from common revenue cycle management (RCM) challenges including collections, lack of training, and difficulty meeting compliance standards, a revenue

22nd Anniversary of Mangalam

Reaching new milestones of success, we are celebrating 22 years of Mangalam! Here’s envisioning a new wave of growth and expansion!

Telehealth Solutions: Everything You Need to Know About Telehealth

telehealth solutions to access healthcare from their laptop

Our health systems have revolved around in-person care for a long time. Telehealth isn’t new, but the Covid-19 pandemic caused use to skyrocket to levels 38 times higher than they were pre-pandemic. Nearly four in ten Americans now use telehealth services, and 43% say they want to continue using telehealth beyond the pandemic. It’s more

7 Ways to Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare systems worldwide utilize Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) to track patient payments. It’s a complex process, starting from the patient’s initial appointment to the final payment rendered for their treatment. Any backup or slowdown in the process – from late claims filing to waiting on patient payments – costs you time, money, and effort. Revenue

Understanding the Intricacies of the Medical Billing Process

Medical Billing Process

Medical billing is the arduous payment process for medical services provided by a third-party payer – most commonly represented by an insurance company. The entire procedure involves step-by-step processing, commonly referred to as healthcare revenue cycle management. The process includes many different modifications to build a flexible budget and financial policy for the medical organization

How to Best Handle Denial Management in Healthcare

Every healthcare claim falls into the hands of insurance claim adjusters, who are responsible for verifying all information and passing it through numerous stages of processing in order to reach the right verdict. However, even if the insurance claims data is correctly submitted, there’s a chance that the patient or the medical clinic will receive

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